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— Prospect of MKS Group of Companies
— Commercial offer: equipment
— Business proposal. Power production and distribution
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— Offer for foreign consumers

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under reconstruction
Energy power for business
454091, Russia, Chelyabinsk
BC "Chelyabisnk-City"
159 KirovaStr., 16th floor
Tel./FAX: +7 351 222 06 36
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Департамент проектирования
Департамент строительства
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ZAGORNOV Maksim Aleksandrovich


Dear web-visitors, I am glad to greet You at MKS Group of Companies web-page. The Company is an engineering enterprise that specializes on construction of Mini-CHP plants, energy centers with power capacity up to 120 MW on turnkey basis. The organization structure allows us to perform the full scale of service for a customer, starting with design works of an object and search of subcontractors for equipment supply, to the construction, assembly and commissioning works. There is a design engineering department in the structure of our company. Our specialists have great experience in energy objects designing. As a result of 10 years work there are almost 40 objects, developed by the team of engineers. MKS Group of Companies possesses its own production facility. We produce block-modulars, containers, calorific modules, ventilation systems, metalconstructions for our objects. It allows us to reduce the price on Mini-CHP plant and shorten time periods for its construction. Energy centers and Mini-CHP, performed by MKS Group of Companies are successfully working for the customers in different regions on the territory of Russian Federation. We offer You u-to-date solutions in the sphere of power supply!
YEROKHIN Andrey Ivanovich

Deputy director
ZAGORNOVA Victoria Yurievna

Deputy director in economics and finance
DOLGIKH Aleksandr Aleksandrovich

Deputy director in development

Design-engineering department
Production department
Major construction works department
Logistics department
Sales department
Service department

Total organization structure of MKS Group of Companies

Total organization structure of MKS Group of Companies

Our team

MKS Group of Companies is an international team of professionals. There are 200 qualified specialists from Russia and foreign countries. The team of MKS Group of Companies is able to solve the most complicated issues, besides it participates in a bright corporate life.

Corporate life

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Social responsibility

MKS Group of Companies is an organizer of different charity projects. The company has taken an orphan boarding school #9 of Chelyabinsk under patronage, supports child team “Kozyr” Club for quick-witted from Mirnyi residential area. Besides company helps the family of Shundeeva Kate, chelyabisnk citizen with ICP diagnoses. Also, MKS Group of Companies is an active participant of region’s social life, it holds social events aimed at humanism ideas popularization, patriotism and social responsibility.

Acts of kindness

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