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Gas engine MWM TCG 2020

Gas engine MWM TCG 2020 for the highest ratings in ecology and economy!

Output range from 1,000 to 2,000 kW.

The MWM gas engines of the MWM TCG 2020 series are perfectly geared to the challenges of a dynamic market environment. Models in the output range of 1,000 – 2,000 kWel meet the high requirements of a broad range of applications and guarantee efficiency, reliability, flexibility and environmental sustainability, together with low lifecycle costs and high profitability.

Higher Efficiency and Lower Pollutant Emissions

Smaller dead spaces in combustion chamber ensure more complete combustion;

Reduced fuel consumption and CO and HC emissions;

This enables gas savings of up to 15 percent a year and increases the profitability of the plant.

Higher Efficiency and Long Maintenance Intervals

Effective crankcase ventilation increases efficiency by utilizing the returned combustible blow-by gas;

Optimized blow-by return and improved separation of the gas phase and liquid phase enable longer maintenance intervals for the turbocharger thanks to the clean intake air.

Up to 20 Percent Lower Service Costs

Enhanced maintenance concept through easy access to the cylinder units;

Long service intervals and improved serviceability;

Lower maintenance costs through 50 percent reduction in number of engine parts compared to predecessor, resulting in lower maintenance overhead and reduced need for spare parts;

Lower maintenance overhead through open combustion chamber with pre-combustion chamber spark plug.

Compact Engine Design for Easy Transport and Installation

Extremely lean genset with compact dimensions, low noise emissions, and smooth running guarantees minimum installation costs;

Compared to competitors, the specific output/weight ratio is up to 40 percent better;

Lighter engine components eliminate need for strong crane;

Compared to competitors, TCG 2032 V16 is up to 30 percent shorter in length;

Low weight and compact dimensions enable easy transport even to remote destinations.

Gas engine MWM TCG 2020 in our projects: