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Gas engine MWM TCG 2032

MWM TCG 2032 – High Availability, Low Installation

Output range from 3,000 to 4,500 kW.

The gas engines of the MWM TCG 2032 series are perfectly geared to the challenges of a dynamic market environment. Models in the output range of 3,000 – 4,500 kWel meet the high requirements of a broad range of applications and guarantee efficiency, reliability, flexibility and environmental sustainability, together with low lifecycle costs and high profitability.

MWM TCG 2032 gas engine with fast ramp-up option

The feature of a fast ramp-up start is becoming increasingly important due to growing intermittent renewable capacity such as wind and solar;

The MWM TCG 2032 gas engine has a software option for a fast ramp-up start. This option allows to switch between normal and fast start requirement for each start request;

A fast start is a start in less than five minutes from start request to 100% load on the grid.

High Efficiency and Low Lubricant Consumption

High fuel utilization and low operation costs thanks to optimized chamber spark plug;

Increased efficiency through new closed crankcase ventilation that enables utilization of the blow-by gas;

High availability through long maintenance intervals: first maintenance after 4,000 h, major overhaul after 80,000 h;

MWM TCG 2032: With its lubricant consumption of only 0.2 g/kWh up to 30 percent lower lubricant consumption;

Compared to competitor products thanks to optimized tappet sealing, coke stripping rings and ring packages.

Gas engine MWM TCG 2032 in our projects: