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Gas engine MWM TCG 3016

MWM TCG 3016 Gas Engine – Efficiency Goes Digital
The New One. Robust. Efficient. Digital.

Output range from 400 kWel to 1,000 kWel.

New development – greatly reduced operating and installation costs and fully digitized power plant control.

High Efficiency, Low Operating Costs

Highest efficiency in its output class through unique combination of long maintenance intervals (80,000 operating hours for natural gas) and high efficiency (electrical efficiency up to 43.5 percent);

The only gas engine on the market that combines efficiency with robustness to such a high degree;

Thanks to the optimized combustion, the electrical efficiency has been improved, and the vibration and stress that many components are exposed to has been reduced significantly.

Reduced Installation and Building Costs

Smaller setup area than for comparable gensets thanks to compact design and integrated tanks for daily refilling;

Due to the flanged genset concept, the vibration decoupling takes place directly between the gas engine and the base frame, so that the setup costs are lower than for other gas engines;

Reduced investment costs thanks to expanded product scope and new digital power plant control TPEM (Total Plant & Energy Management);

Thanks to the optimized new combustion chamber geometry, higher mixture circuit temperatures reduce the dry cooler investment costs and ensure steadier combustion;

Further benefits and technological improvements: Water-cooled turbo charger, flanged genset concept, optimized flow control of the fuel gas mix and optimized oil management of the gas engine.

Economical, Efficient and Complete

One user interface – Complete power plant control and setup;

Remote access – Remote power plant control on site and via VPN connection with the free visualization “TPEM Remote Client”;

Security-oriented technology – Meets latest ISO 27001 standards; Safety chain for cogeneration plant monitoring (TÜV-certified);

Set up – Custom-tailored technical solutions; One integrated, flexible control system for all electric power applications; Modular structure for individual solutions;

Operate – High efficiency through optimal power plant control; Enables remote power plant management and monitoring; Use the full genset potential with maximum reliability;

Optimize – Data management and analysis delivers information for optimizing the power plant; Life cycle history enables the logging of and access to data throughout the life cycle of the genset and the peripherals.