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We construct

MKS Group of Companies has admittance to a wide spectrum of construction works and offers integrated solutions to a customer. Company performs all works: starting with territory preparation and foundation and to equipment mounting and commissioning. Company’s key-principle is – to work on turnkey basis.

We perform:

Preparatory and land activities

+ Rail crane runway and foundation(bearing) installation of the fixed cranes;
+ Soil and drainage excavation for water engineering;
+Soil excavation by hydro mechanization method;
+ Mechanized ripping and permanently frozen soil operations;
+ Dewatering, organizing of surficial runoff and water disposal operations.

Piling work, iron and concrete constructions installation

+ Piling works, performed from the ground, including sea and river regimes;
+ Pile driving operations performing at frost and permanently frozen soils;
+ Arrangement of foundation frames;
+ Arrangement of driven and augured piles;
+ Thermal soil stabilization;
+ Cementation of earth foundation with injections driving;
+ Artificial consolidation and tarring of soils;
+ Building by “diaphragm wall” method;
+ Arrangement of concrete and concrete-steel monolithic constructions;
+Construction of formwork;
+ Installation of reinforcement;
+ Arrangement of concrete and concrete-steel constructions;
+ Erection of foundations and constructions of underground part of buildings and facilities;
+ Erection of constructions elements of superstructers of buildings and facilities, including columns, frames, bents, trusses, joists, slabs, bands, wall and dividing walls panels;
+ Erection of building block modules, including ventilation units, elevator and garbage chute shafts, three-dimensional utility blocks.

Steel frame and protection works

+ Erection, reinforcement and demolition of structural elements and cladding structures of building and facilities, constructions of conveyer galleries, tank constructions, mast constructions, towers, vent-pipes, development hardwares, rope load carrying structures (main carrier cables, cable-stayed structures, etc.);
+ Lining operations;
+Laying of acid-resistant brick and figured acid-resistant brick wares;
+ Arrangement of membrane proofing;
+ Arrangement of metal sprayed coatings;
+ Waterproofing of structural elements;
+ Operations for frost protection of buildings, facilities and and equipment;
+ Flame retardance of facilities and equipment.

Arrangement of indoor engineering systems and equipment of buildings and facilities

+ Arrangement and demolition of gas network.

Arrangement of exterior networks (water supply line, sanitary piping, heat supply system)

+ Pipe laying: water supply pipes, sewer network, heat supply system with the temperature of heat carrier up to 115 C degrees;
+ Erection and demolition of stop valves and equipment of water supply systems, and of stop valves and equipment of sanitary piping and heat supply systems;
+ Arrangement of water conduit wells, bent caps, encatchment suppressors, and cages of heat system supply;
+ Cleaning of cages and water supply line testingand sanitary piping line testing.

Arrangement of external gas network, except transit

+ Pipe laying of gas pipe line with working pressure up to and including 0.005 MPAwith working pressure from 0.005 MPa up to and including 0.3 MPa.; with working pressure from 0.3 MPa up to and including 1.2 MPa (for natural gas), up to and including 1.6 MPa(for liquefied hydrocarbon gas);
+ Arrangement of condensate return tank for hydraulic hitch of gazlocker and equalizer for gas pipe lines;
+ Erection and demolition of gas control units, tank and group ballon units of liquefied hydrocarbon gas;
+ Lead-in the gas pipe line inside the buildings and facilities;
+ Erection and demolition of consumers’ gas device systems using natural and liquefied hydrocarbon gas;
+ Рot tapping into gas pipelines in-use, cutting-off and blinding gas pipelines in-use under the pressure.

Arranging of external electricity networks communication lines

+ Arranging of electrical network with voltage up to and including 330 kW;
+ Erection and demolition of supporting structure for overhead transmission line voltage up to 500 kW;
+ Erection and demolition of wires and groundwires of overhead transmission line voltage up to and including 35 kW, more than 35 kW, up to and including 35 kW;
+ Installation of electricity distribution devices, electric switchgears, protection devices.

Erecting operations

+ Erection of hoisting-and-conveying equipment;
+ Erection of equipment of thermal electric power station;
+ Erection of boiler house equipment;
+ Erection of equipment of hydroelectric plants and other hydroelectric facilities;
+ Erection of equipment of electrical industry plants;
+ Erection of equipment of construction materials plants;
+ Erection of water-intaking equipment, drainage and waste treatment facilities.


+ Commissioning of hoisting-and-conveying equipment;
+ Commissioning of synchronous generators and excitation systems;
+ Commissioning of power and measuring transformers;
+ Commissioning of switching devices;
+ Commissioning of relays;
+ Commissioning of voltage systems and control current systems;
+ Commissioning of electrical machines and electric drivers;
+ Commissioning of transfer machining lines;
+ Commissioning of multifunction metalcutters with numerical program control;
+ Commissioning of compressor systems;
+ Commissioning of the steam boilers;
+ Commissioning of the water treatment equipment;
+ Commissioning of the fuel technological sets;
+ Commissioning of the gas path;
+ Commissioning of the boiler systems and engineer communications;
+ Commissioning of the equipment fir the wood works;
+ Commissioning of the drying systems sets;
+ Commissioning of the water supply systems;
+ Commissioning of the drain sytems and their construction.

Industrial construction

+ Enterprises and objects on the machinery and metal proceedings;
+ Heat power stations;
+ Residential housing construction;
+ Power supply objects up to 110 kW;
+ Heat supply objetcs;
+ Gas supply objects;
+ Water supply and drain objects.

Certificate on admission to a particular type or types of work which have an impact on safety of capital construction objects dd. 29th of October 2014 № С.055.74.911.10.2014