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Pumping stations

In 2023, MKC Group of Companies started manufacturing modular pumping stations, up-to-date units having high technical and operational characteristics.MKC modular pumping stations are highly prefabricated and have a wide range of applications - from agriculture to the oil and gas industry.Moreover, the stations may be manufactured according to non-standard parameters under individual customer requirements.




Pumping stations are systems designed for pumping liquids from one place to another. The systems consist of pumping units, hydraulic pipelines, measuring equipment, valve blocks, lifting units, as well as a building to house the pumping station. Pumping stations are used for the following purposes: water supply, wastewater disposal, oil field application, pressure increase, etc., as well water removal from lowlands and flooded areas.

Types of pumping stations

Pumping stations are divided into the following types depending on the sphere of application:

Water pumping stations
Pressure boosting stations
Sewage pumping stations
Borehole stations
Drainage stations
Household wastewater pumping stations
Stormwater pumping stations
Industrial wastewater pumping stations
Household water pumping stations
Industrial water pumping stations

Design types of MKC pumping stations

mounted on the frame base
mounted in the block box
mounted in the block box based on a trailer
mounted in the block box based on a floatation device

Pumping stations are divided into the following types depending on the position of a machine room against ground:

  • ground type
  • semi-underground type
  • subsurface type
  • underground type

Distinctive features of MKC modular pumping stations compared to fixed pumping stations

Fast assembly
(modular pumping stations are highly prefabricated thus enabling a customer to implement the project in the shortest term).
Lower price
(no need to construct a consolidated building, overall minimization of construction work on site significantly reduce the cost of the project).
Possibility to install a pumping station in the open air.
Possibility to install a pumping station in the open air.
Possibility to  transfer a pumping station from one site to another (stations on block boxes, floatation devices and chassis can be transported by suitable transport).
MKC modular pumping station is a highly prefabricated product to be supplied fully equipped, with load-bearing and enclosing structures and auxiliary technological systems. The pumping station is delivered to the operation site in the form of modules (block boxes) ready for installation on the foundation plate. The structural design of the block boxes, their configuration and connection scheme are developed in accordance with customer requirements. The cost of the pumping station is calculated based on the questionnaire in accordance with the terms of reference.

MKC fire-sighting pumping stations

MKC Group of Companies manufactures fire-fighting pumping stations as well (FFPS) Fire-fighting pumping stations are systems of devices and pipelines to supply water to sprinkler and drencher automatic fire extinguishing systems, internal and external fire-fighting water supply. The liquid is supplied under pressure in these devices. Usually, the station is equipped with several pumps (2 - 5).

Types of FFPS

(located in capital buildings or block modules)
(used by state, official or private fire departments to draw water from fire reservoirs and fire piers)

MKC Group of Companies offers a comprehensive solution for pumping stations:

delivery in Russia and the CIS
post-warranty and service maintenance
training of operators
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