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Solutions for the oil industry

One of the works directions of the MKS Group of Companies is an implementation of project where an associated petroleum gas (APG) is used as a fuel. We are ready to propose complete solutions based on «turnkey» gas gensets units for various compositions of APG. The complex systems of APG preparation developed by the MKS specialists allow to maintain working capacity and effective operation of the generating equipment even at the serious changes of APG structure and quality, inevitable in the course of production.

MKS constructs


on APG


Benefits of APG mini-MPPs:


There is no need for main gas pipelines as well as for diesel fuel delivery by vehicles. Fuel gas is produced on site from APG


Own generation using APG makes an oil processing enterprise autonomous in questions of heat and power supply


The gas preparation complex provides mini-MPP with fuel and also allows to receive the oil by-product group (broad fraction of light hydrocarbons, natural gasoline, etc.)

High environmental friendliness

Utilization of the APG which is one of greenhouse gases allows to significantly improve an ecological situation in the oil production region

By today specialists of the MKS Group of Companies have accumulated wide experience on design and production of fuel gas treatment units. They are intended to produce fuel gas with quality, relevant to the requirements imposed to the for gas gensets power plants fuel from the associated petroleum gas (APG).

Fuel gas treatment units by the MKS Group of Companies:

conform to all technical standards
are characterised by a small weight and overall dimensions
are characterised by insignificant working costs
are transportable
are reliable and effective in work
are easy-to-work and service
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