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Greenhouse facilities solutions

One of the business opportunities of the MKS Group of Companies is implementation of the «turnkey» energy projects for greenhouse facilities of Russia and the neighboring countries. The modular MPP plants created by the specialists of our company allow not only to significantly reduce the agrofarms' costs for heat and power supply, but also to considerably raise its productivity due to the value-added use of carbon dioxide CO2 containing in the exhaust gases in a large volume.

The power centers by the MKS Group of Companies based on the gas gensets installations working in the cogeneration mode conform to all requirements of the industry, have high extent of automation and also differ in a simple and effective scheme of integration into a system of the hothouse enterprises electro-heat supplies.



Plants fertilizer

An average energy consumption of 1 hectare of the greenhouse is 1 MW of the electric power and 2 MW of heat. Considerable decrease in cost of the product can be only reached by a power component reduction. The best decision for power supply of greenhouse facilities is an autonomous power generation (mini-MPP).

An agricultural complex power supply by means of gas gensets mini-MMP:

The power centers by the MKS Group of Companies based on the gas genset installations working in the cogeneration mode are the most effective solution for an autonomous power supply of the greenhouse facilities. Mini-MPP plants provide fuel utilization rate at the level of 95–97%. In addition to electrical and heat energy the Customer receives a source of a carbon feeding for plants necessary for photosynthesis process. Electrical energy is spent for the own needs covering and artificial illumination of the greenhouse facility. Agricultural complex heat energy supply is organized by means of the system of the heat utilization.

Engineering procedure of a gas genset mini-MPP:

The cogeneration installation develops an electric power, the exhaust gases heat transfer is fulfilled in the heat-exchanging equipment. Burning products emission is going simultaneously. Exhaust gases undergo process of cleaning and removal of nitrogen oxides, then are being cooled in the heat exchanger up to 50° C. Further the purified and cooled gases in pipelines move to the greenhouse, mix up with air in the greenhouse and are delivered directly to plants. For an active plants growth, the atmosphere of the greenhouse has to contain from 700 to 800 volume fractions of CO2. A mini-MPP with a power of 1 MW develops 372 m3 of carbon dioxide in one hour. As a result, the productivity of a greenhouse increases by 30–40%.

Benefits of the own mini-MMP use for greenhouse facilities:

Increase in reliability and quality of the electro-heat supplies
Significant greenhouses' performance improvement
Increase in the greenhouses’ productivity by 30-40%
Significant economy on a «power component»
An opportunity to have an additional source of fertilizers (to use carbon dioxide as plants fertilizers)
Reduction of harmful emissions
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