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Packaging and production of block modules


One of the competitive advantages of the MKS Group of Companies is its own production facilities located in Chelyabinsk, where development and manufacturing of modules (containers) and packaging of gas genset units of various capacities are being carried out: 4.5 MW, 2 MW, 1.2 MW, 0.6 MW.

All modules are manufactured from the highest quality materials, which ensures reliable operation of installations in harsh climatic conditions and in open areas. Under conditions of low or increased temperatures, thanks to the block module, the normal temperature regime of the station is maintained, which ensures uninterrupted operation of the engine.

1 – 100 MW

power of


Packing gas genset units is one of the key activities of our company, which includes not only the manufacture of a module, but also the following types of work:

  • Assembly of the generating unit, the aligning of the engine with the alternator, manufacturing of a steel frame
  • Manufacturing of a heating module, in accordance with the unit parameters
  • Power cabinets, auxiliary devices and expansion module assembly
  • Engine ignition system installation
  • Gas-system elements installation
  • Connecting the power cabinet of the automatic generator switch to the main equipment of the power plant

Benefits of modular mini-MPP plants:

Fast assembly, installation of an object within 20 days
Lower price: no need of the uniform building construction and the general minimization of construction works at the site significantly reduces the project price
Possibility of an outdoor object installation
Simplicity in connection to the power supply system: the modular scheme simplifies integration of the generating equipment into the power supply system of the customer
Simplicity of retrofitting: the modular scheme of mini-MPPs allows to make stage-by-stage expansion of the generated capacities
A possibility of transfer an object from one site on another

Site installation scheme

Modular design significantly speeds up and cheapens the construction of the facility. A «building spot» for a single module of 4,5 MW is 18 х 12 m. Adjacent modules can be installed wall-to-wall, to save space.


Architectural aesthetics

The color of the frame and the outer fence of the modules of the MKS Group of Companies is a matter of discussion with the Customer and is chosen from the RAL color palette. It is one of the MKS aims to enhance the architectural aesthetics of the constructed modules. Modern design approaches are introduced at the stage of planning decisions, color solutions for facades, lighting of buildings, etc. One of the relevant objectives is the harmonious integration of modules into the environment (urban and rural).

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