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Power plants construction

The MKS Group of Companies is the leading Russian manufacturer of gas genset power plants both fixed-site and modular. Our main competitive advantage is construction of the turnkey power facilities. We offer comprehensive services in the sphere of the enterprises power supply: from design and survey works to the launch of the facility and its maintenance. By today the MKS Group of Companies has commissioned 57 turnkey mini-MPPs in various regions of Russia. The total volume of power projects implemented is 279 MW.

We build



We offer turnkey construction services for both fixed-site (in the building) and modular (container) mini-MPP. The choice of construction technology depends on the scope of works requirements. One of our main competitive advantages is our own modules (containers) production and packaging of gas genset plants of different capacity.



– Our Basic Principle

Turnkey Engineering – Our Basic Principle. The MKS Group of Companies performs the entire technological chain of a gas genset power plant construction promptly and at a high professional level – from design and construction to commissioning and service of the facility. This approach allows to control the quality of works at each stage and makes the total object cost much lower.

We offer the whole range of services for the mini-MPP construction:

Equipment supply


Design and survey works are one of the most important stages of the gas genset power plant implementation. It is at this stage that the specialists of the MKS Group of Companies form the main technical solutions, produce and approve the design documentation, perform the visualization of the object.


The construction of an energy facility entails a large amount of work on approval of the project with a number of supervisory agencies. The MKS Group of Companies regulates all issues with authorities, supervisory bodies, natural monopolies and accompanies the project throughout.

Equipment supply

Depending on the customer's needs the MKS Group specialists coordinate the specification of the scope of supply of the main generating equipment – gas genset. As the official dealer and service partner of MWM the MKS Group of Companies offers the most appropriate prices for the equipment of this brand and prompt delivery terms.


At this stage, specialists of the MKS Group of Companies perform the generating equipment packaging, produce support and enclosing structures (including the modules themselves), manufacture additional equipment. The equipment is delivered to the customer’s site in maximum factory readiness.

Construction & Installation

Construction and installation works on the customer’s site by specialists of the MKS Group of Companies include the following types of works: earthworks, construction of foundations, construction work, technological equipment installation, modules installation, construction of linear and network facilities, organization of access roads, environment improvement, etc.


Commissioning is the final stage of the project. At this stage the MKS Group of Companies specialists carry out complex tests and launching of the generating equipment. The main task of commissioning works is to check all operation modes of a Genset at idle and under load, to ensure equipment reaching the nominal operational parameters.

Dispatching & Monitoring

Upon the customer's request, the MKS Group of Companies can perform remote dispatching and monitoring of the gas genset plant operation in real time from a consolidated dispatching centre. This type of service allows to improve the power plant operation reliability and to react promptly to any changes in equipment operation.


Operation of the power plant requires the owner to have high technical competence. Therefore, in most cases the mini-MPP owners conclude an agreement with the MKS Group of Companies for service maintenance of the facility. As the official dealer and service partner of MWM, we offer appropriate prices for spare parts and prompt delivery terms.

Own mini-mpp – it is profitable! One of the main criteria for the own mini-MPP construction is the power supply costs reduction. The economic effect of the gas genset power plant use is related to the placement of the generating facility in the immediate vicinity of the consumer - the power supply is produced at the prime cost of generated electricity, which in most cases is much lower than the market purchase price.



– it is profitable!

The diagram shows the approximate structure of a unit cost and economic effect for the consumer when using gas gensets by the MKS Group of Companies. As a result, the consumer has an opportunity to receive electricity much cheaper than from the default supplier.

In this regard the gas genset power plants construction projects now have an attractive payback period – from 3 to 5 years. At the same time, the terms of implementation of such projects by the MKS Group of Companies usually fit one calendar year. In this context the own generation facility construction becomes not only an affordable, but also an obviously profitable and logical step.

Main competitive advantages of the MKS Group of Companies:

We perform all complex of works «turnkey», undertaking all technological chain for construction of a mini-MPP.
We are the official dealer and service partner of MWM plant and offer appropriate prices for an equipment of this brand.
We manufacture fully finished and mobile modules of gas genset power plants.
We perform remote dispatching and monitoring of power plants operation, which increases the power object reliability.
We perform the power plant service throughout the life cycle, offering a facility service maintenance package.
We regulate all issues with authorities, supervisory bodies, natural monopolies, etc.