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Power Supply Contracts

One of the business opportunities of the MKS Group of Companies is implementation of power supply contracts as the uniform complex integrator. This mechanism is the mutually advantageous instrument of cooperation of the Customer and the Contractor. The key moment is that all capital investments on construction of the power supplying «turnkey» object, all operating expenses on operation of this object during the term of the power service contract and also all operational risks, are born by the Contractor or the Partner Investor.

The power supply contract is a highly profitable type of business with a project payback period of 3-4 years. At the moment the MKS Group of Companies has formed a pool of projects for power service contracts with a general installed capacity over 35 MW.

An object


of 3-4 years

Power supply contract — is the form of MPP implementation by the MKS Group of Companies own funds or at the Investor’s funds, with guaranteed profit for the Investor, and guaranteed economic effect for the power Consumer.

Key benefits for a consumer:

The implementation of the project improves the reliability of energy supply and reduces energy costs
The economic effect is immediate after the launch of the facility into operation, the lack of capital investments
All construction and maintenance of the facility is performed by the MKS Group of Companies. The consumer only pays the rent

Cooperation of the parties

Implementation of power service contracts is a mutually advantageous instrument of cooperation of the Customer and the Contractor

The MKS Group of Companies:


  • Pays the rent and gains effect
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