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Solutions for energy storage systems (ESS)

MKC Group of Companies is an official partner in energy storage devices built on CATL battery systems — a world leader in the production of lithium energy sources for electric transport and energy.

From an idea

to a finished


In 2021, MKC Group of Companies signed an agreement on the exclusive distribution of products in Russia and MENA (the Middle East and North Africa region) for the preparation of energy storage implementation projects with an engineering company which team for more than 5 years has been engaged in the design, production, implementation, certification and post-service support of a complete set of energy storage systems based on CATL lithium batteries, including battery cabinets with BMS, power converters with transformers, EMS, container solutions with climate control and fire extinguishing systems.

The successful global experience of implementing storage systems is about 0.5 GWh for 2020-2021 and will be increased to 1.5 GWh in 2022. A number of pilot projects for the introduction of storage devices in the United Arab Emirates is being jointly prepared.

Currently, MKC Group of Companies has concluded a list of agreements and is implementing them within the framework of a joint production and service enterprise in the UAE, an exclusive distribution agreement for the design, trade and post-service maintenance of energy storage devices based on CATL battery solutions.

Lifetime cost management

Due to such characteristics as high reliability, long service life with the possibility of extended warranty, high energy efficiency of CATL battery systems, hybrid power plants based on renewable energy sources with battery cells for its storage can accelerate the energy transition to decarbonized methods of electricity generation.

Operation of the ESS alongside with generation

CATL battery-powered energy storage systems provide energy storage and flexibility in power generation. Instant utilization and energy output due to battery electrochemical technology and the technology of electricity production using gas-piston units can be combined into a single most efficient system. Thanks to the high-level consistency of battery cells due to the BMS control system, CATL battery solutions can ensure the stability of the power system, optimize the curve of electricity generation, reduce interruptions in the operation of renewable energy sources, ensure the inertia of the system and the functions of frequency and peak modulation, increase the share of renewable energy sources in total electricity generation and optimize the energy structure of an enterprise.

Operation of the ESS in parallel with the network

CATL energy storage systems provide smart load management when working in parallel with the network, instantly modulate the frequency and peaks depending on the load on the external network. In this case, the ESS performs the functions of increasing and expanding peak power, backup power functions and smoothing consumption peaks. ESS helps to ensure safe, stable, efficient operation of the power system and optimize the cost of electricity by smoothing power peaks.

Electrochemical energy storage devices with CATL battery solutions are successfully used in large industrial and commercial enterprises, residential areas, and are also being extended to new scenarios, such as fast high-power electric vehicle charging stations, backup power sources (BPS), autonomous and island/isolated systems due to network-forming converters. Such applications help enterprises in the absence of an electric grid to get access to electricity (together with generation based on gas-piston power plants operation), reduce electricity costs and ensure stable operation of the electric grid.

We have a team of power engineers and designers with more than 16 years of experience in preparing all the necessary documentation and technical solutions in accordance with existing norms and rules. Battery and power converter products have international certificates and operating permits (UL1973, 9540A; IEC 61000, 62619, 62477, etc.). Currently, for the implementation of pilot projects on the territory of the Russian Federation and the UAE, work has been organized to form the necessary package of executive and operational documentation for the proposed solutions.

The main components of the ESS

  • Block container (module) with engineering climate control systems;
  • Management subsystem;
  • Energy distribution subsystem;
  • Energy conversion subsystem;
  • Energy storage subsystem;
  • Docking output;
  • Auxiliary docking terminal;
  • Matching transformer.
Compliance of the main equipment with IEC and UL certification
Three-level architecture of CSC, SBMU, MBMU

The standard 280 Ah battery cell and 1088 V CATL battery cabinet, conforming to UL1973, UL9540A standards.

Battery Cell Parameters
Cell Type CATL LFP
Rated voltage 3,2 V
Operating voltage 2,8 ... 3,6 V
Rated capacity 280 Ah
Rated power consumption 896 Wh (@25°C, 1C/1С)
Operating temperature, charge 0 ... 55°C
Operating temperature, discharge –20 ... 55°C
Weight ~ 5,34 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 71,7 x 173,9 x 207,2 mm
Battery Module Parameters
Connection 1P20S
Rated voltage 64 V
Voltage range 56 ... 72 V
Rated capacity 280 Ah
Rated power consumption 17,92 kWh (@25°C, 1C/1С)
Operating temperature, charge 0 ... 55°C
Operating temperature, discharge –20 ... 55°C
Cooling Air cooling
Weight ~ 140 kg
Dimensions (W x D x H) 516 x 950 x 234 mm
Battery cabinet parameters
Connection 17 battery modules in sequence + 1 control module
Rated voltage 1088 V
Operating voltage range 952 ... 1224 V
Rated capacity 280 Ah
Rated power consumption 304,64 kWh (@25°C, 1C/1С)
Maximum continuous current 280 A
Operating temperature, charge 0 ... 55°C
Operating temperature, discharge –20 ... 55°C
Weight ~ 3000 kg
Dimensions (W x D x H) 1200 x 1040 x 2300 mm
BMS 2 levels
Container Project Parameters
Design The general view of the container in the image is preliminary, provided for reference only
Rated voltage 1088 V
Voltage range 952 ... 1224 V
Rated energy 1,22 ... 3,04 MWh (@25°C, 1C/1С)
Location in the container 4-10 battery cabinets connected in parallel, 1-2 DC unifying cabinets, 1 control cabinet
Operating temperature, charge 0 ... 55°C
Operating temperature, discharge –20 ... 55°C
Cooling Air cooling
Storage device placement 40" container
BMS 3 levels
Power Converter Parameters
Maximum input current 1603 A
DC voltage range 700 ... 1500 V
Rated AC output power 1100 kVA
Output operating voltage 440 V AC
Network frequency range 50 Hz
Efficiency 99,03 %
IP level IP20
Type of cooling Smart air cooling
Operating temperature –35 ... 60°C
Dimensions (W x H x L) 1400 x 2000 x 800 mm
Weight 1300 kg
Charger Parameters
Design A charger with a transformer can be made in a separate container
Maximum input current 3206 A
DC voltage range 700 ... 1500 V
Rated AC output power 2000 kVA
Full AC power 2200 kVA
Output operating voltage 440 V AC
Network frequency range 50 Hz
Efficiency 99,03 %
Rated transformer power 2000 kVA
Voltage transformation coefficient 0,44/6 kV
Transformer Type Oil/Dry
IP level IP55
Type of cooling Smart air cooling
Operating temperature –35 ... 60°C
Dimensions (W x H x L) 5670 x 2525 x 2462 mm
Weight 13000 kg

Block module of the battery block is equipped with a fire automation system

The fire protection system includes an automatic alarm system and a fire extinguishing system. The automatic alarm system consists of a control unit, a thermal detector, a smoke detector, an exhaust station, an emergency shutdown station, a light and sound alarm unit, an alarm signal, and a light indicator.

Примеры расположения оборудования внутри контейнера

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