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July 14, 2017, 8:28 am

Energy of partnership: July 14 marks the 20th anniversary of JSC "UGK"

The successful operation of any enterprise is based on the “three pillars” - quality work, good reputation, honest and mutually beneficial partnership. The MKS Group of Companies, a leader in the field of small-scale energy in Russia, has thoroughly strengthened all these positions over the 12 years of its operation, expanding the circle of strategically important business partners, among which a special place is occupied by JSC Yuzhuralzoloto Group of Companies, one of the largest gold mining enterprises Russia. On the eve of the 20th anniversary of YuGK, which will be celebrated on July 14, the director of the MKS Group of Companies, Maxim Zagornov, recalls the important stages of cooperation, the specifics of the construction of energy supply facilities for the mining and processing plant and assures: this partnership is more valuable than gold.

Cooperation between the MKS Group of Companies and UGK began in 2012. It was then, 5 years ago, at the Tsentralnaya mine in Plast that we built the first power plant for this enterprise. The power center's capacity was 16 MW, the facility was erected in a record time for those times - 3 months, and, according to representatives of IDGC of the Urals OJSC - a branch of Chelyabenergo, it became the most correctly connected generating facility in the entire territory under their jurisdiction.

With the launch of the first power plant, SGC JSC reached a new level of energy efficiency. The savings in energy resources that our own mini-thermal power plant allowed us to achieve became colossal: with the launch of the new station, the price of electricity for miners decreased by three times, and heat, as a by-product, began to be obtained free of charge.

The first successful experience “inspired” the management of UGK to continue cooperation. Over the next 5 years, we implemented three more projects for miners. We increased the capacity of the Plastovskaya mini-thermal power plant to 18 MW. New power plants were built at the Svetlinsky gold extraction plant (4 MW) and at the Bereznyakovsky mining and processing plant (4 MW). At the latest facilities, we introduced advanced technology for block-modular construction of mini-thermal power plants, which made it possible to construct these facilities in record time - in just 2 weeks (from the moment of entering the site until voltage is applied).

At the moment, the MKS Group of Companies has undertaken to resolve all issues related to energy, heat and gas supply to the Yuzhuralzoloto Group of Companies and has rightfully received the status of a strategic partner of YuGK. For my part, I must note that working with a dozen other companies throughout Russia, I can undoubtedly call JSC “UGK” the most dynamically developing enterprise in the country, introducing the most advanced technologies and innovations. All this allows UGK to firmly hold a leading position in the gold mining market in Russia.

Of course, any business partnership presupposes its own character and style of interaction and work. In my long-term cooperation with JSC "UGK", I am very impressed by the prompt decision-making on the part of the customer, the focus on positive results, and also the personal participation of the President of LLC "MC "UGK" Konstantin Ivanovich Strukov in all issues related to the energy supply of the enterprise. Konstantin Ivanovich is a man of word and deed, always making decisions from the point of view of common sense, a true leader who managed to unite like-minded people around him and assemble a team of professionals.

In this sense, I would like to note the effective work of the Managing Director of SGC JSC Roman Vladimirovich Berger and the Director for Legal Affairs of SGC Management Company LLC Larisa Vladimirovna Ivleva - professionals of the highest level, as well as the Chief Power Engineer of SGC JSC Andrei Vitalievich Potapov - a person responsible for heat and power supply to all enterprise facilities. And considering that UGC facilities are scattered throughout the country, I must admit that these global issues are resolved by a rather small number of employees. But, as they say, it is not quantity that is important here, but quality: every person in Strukov’s team is, literally, worth his weight in gold.

When I come to various facilities of UGK JSC, I always note the exemplary order and high production work culture. It is immediately obvious that the enterprise is managed by a zealous owner. After all, even excess heat from our mini-thermal power plants is not wasted! In Plast, for example, they are used to heat factory greenhouses in which vegetables, exotic fruits, and roses of all kinds are grown. These greenhouses are a long-time hobby of Konstantin Ivanovich Strukov:  he personally makes decisions about what strange plants to plant there, and he personally harvests the first harvest. At one time, I was very impressed by the fact that fruits and vegetables from these greenhouses go straight to the YuGK factory canteen, which is famous throughout the district for its delicacies and fairly low prices. As we joke with our colleagues, this is how, thanks to low-energy energy, miners now have not only cheap electricity and heat, but also fresh fruits and vegetables all year round.

On the eve of the 20th anniversary of JSC Yuzhuralzoloto Group of Companies, I would like to wish the entire UGK team success in their work, rapid movement forward, and the implementation of the most ambitious plans! And we are ready to help in matters of energy supply to the enterprise. There are many joint plans ahead, which I am sure will be successfully implemented.

Maxim Zagornov,

Director of the MKS Group of Companies

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