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December 22, 2022, 9:00 am

Happy Power Engineer's Day!

Today, the Power Engineer's Day is celebrated in Russia. It is a professional holiday for everyone involved in the creation or maintenance of the energy system, who is engaged in the construction of power generating facilities, the development of advanced power engineering technologies. A holiday for everyone for whom energy has become not only a job, but also a lifestyle.

This year, when the world is facing new challenges, energy has become the main currency, a key priority for everyone, because the global energy landscape is experiencing a perfect storm.

At the same time, one thing became obvious: no inclination in favour of any sector of the power industry can solve all the arising problems. As it was said at the main global energy exhibition – ADIPEC-2022, the world needs all available solutions. “It is not just oil and gas, not solar or wind power, not atomic or hydrogen energy. It includes oil and gas, and solar, and wind power, atomic and hydrogen energy in addition to the new kinds of pure energy yet to be discovered and harnessed” (c).

The world needs maximum energy and minimum emissions! 

This means that the time has come for collaboration and cooperation, combining technological and human resources, and building innovative facilities based on new solutions. And it is energy that can unite the decomposed world in this search.


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