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December 22, 2020, 11:23 am

Happy Power Engineers’ Day!

Maksim Zagornov, the President of the Russian Distributed Power Generation Association, CEO of MKS Group of Companies, the Chairman of the Subcommittee on Distributed Power Generation of the Energy Committee of All Russia Public Organization Business Russia congratulated the industry colleagues, employees and partners on their professional holiday, Power Engineers’ Day.

In his congratulation Mr. Zagornov says:

The team of the Distributed Power Generation Association congratulates all those related to this wonderful and creative profession on their holiday. Happy Power Engineers’ Day!

This year has become a challenge for each of us. For our companies, our teams, our families. For our industry, small-scale distributed power generation, on the whole. Meanwhile, thanks to our consistency, professionalism, and ability to summon our forces and resources, small-scale industry has not just met this challenge, but demonstrated a leap forward in its development.

Distributed power generation has become one of a few industry branches which has shown a significant development and market growth in 2020. We suggested real tools for cutting costs for energy resources to the Russian business community, which means we have helped not just to ourselves, but to the others.

Today, analyzing the success of the VIII Distributed Power Generation — Great Achievements International Award representing innovative projects, we can definitely say: small-scale power generation has a big future. I wish you success in implementation of all your plans and projects, inexhaustible energy, and breakthrough ideas, and, of course, merry Pre-New Year mood.

Maksim Zagornov,

President of Distributed Power Generation Association,
CEO of MKS Group of Companies,
Chairman of the Subcommittee on Distributed Power Generation of Business Russia


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