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December 4, 2019, 9:37 am

Innovative development of MKS Group - low-noise silencers for GPUs

A new engineering achievement of the MKS Group of Companies. The company's specialists have developed and manufactured in-house low-noise silencers for a gas piston plant, which allow achieving ultra-efficient noise reduction of the power plant. The devices meet high industry standards and are characterized by technological novelty, durability and low weight. MKS Group plans to organize serial production of low-noise silencers according to both standard and individual parameters based on customer requirements.

MKS Group's low-noise silencer for the gas piston plant allowed to achieve a level of noise reduction of the power plant that exceeds typical foreign analogs. As a result, the total noise of the facility at a distance of 50 meters can be no more than 60 dB, at a distance of 100 meters does not exceed the background noise of the city.

It is noteworthy that when developing the design the engineers of MKS Group of Companies relied on domestic materials and implemented a number of innovative solutions. The material of the silencer body and internal metal elements are made of stainless steel, which ensures long service life of the silencer and the possibility of installation in the scheme after the waste heat boiler, reducing the temperature of flue gases.

Technical parameters of the muffler of the MKS Group of Companies:

  • Dimensions are ∅ 1610 x 5884 mm;
  • Weight - 2400 kg;
  • The power of the gas piston unit is 4500 kW;
  • The gas flow rate is 3.4 m3/sec;
  • Connection dimensions: Dy 800, number of holes - 24 pcs;
  • Residual exhaust noise level directly after the silencer is less than 55 dB.

Maximum quiet, innovative mufflers produced by MKS Group for gas-piston plants meet high industry standards and are characterized by technological novelty, durability and low weight. At the moment, serial production of low-noise MKS mufflers is planned both according to standard and customized parameters, depending on the customers' requirements.

At the moment the MKS Group of Companies produces more than 20 types of auxiliary power equipment and block modules, including non-standard dimensions. This allows to build facilities according to individual design solutions in accordance with any requirements of the customer. Experts of the small-scale energy market have recognized that today products under the MKS brand are among the best in Russia..

Certificate of Conformity GOST R for Silencer - valid until 15.10.2022.

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