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May 28, 2020, 1:20 pm

Maksim Zagornov appointed to head the distributed power generation subcommittee of the «Business Russia» Energy Committee

CEO of the MKS Group of Companies, president of the Distributed Power Generation Association Maksim Zagornov headed the Distributed Power Generation Subcommittee of the All Russia public organization «Business Russia» Energy Committee. The decision was taken by the President of the organization Pavel Titov on April, 24.

The key tasks of the «Business Russia» Distributed Power Generation Subcommittee are as follows: development of the anti-crisis proposals on immediate support of the SME companies working in the field of the distributed power generation; development of the regulatory and legal framework, including the legislative rights equalization for the companies operating in the distributed power generation industry and large FEC enterprises (monopolies); development of the distributed power generation industry regulations, common industry standards and internal documents; development of a strategy for the SME companies to enter the international distributed power generation market, promotion of export and investment projects of the «Business Russia» members, etc.

NB: the decision to create a Distributed power generation subcommittee within the Energy committee was made in terms of the general optimization of the «Business Russia» committees' work during the economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Being in close contact with the state authorities of the Russian Federation «Business Russia» is working to expand the list of measures to support the enterprises of non-oil sectors of the Russian economy. In this regard the «Business Russia» is strengthening cooperation with the relevant committees in order to research the positions of the business upon the current economic agenda and to create a unified base of the business community suggestions necessary to overcome the difficult economic consequences caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

The distributed power generation development has always been one of the important directions of the «Business Russia» energy committee's work. Now, in the economic crisis period, it becomes one of the priorities as an opportunity to provide small and medium-sized businesses of the country with affordable energy sources. The decision on the Distributed power generation subcommittee Chairman candidate was unanimous: this post was taken by one of the leading experts of the distributed power generation of the Russian Federation, President of the Distributed Power Generation Association, CEO of the MKS Group of Companies, Business Ambassador of the «Business Russia» to the UAE Maksim A. Zagornov.

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