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April 12, 2023, 4:14 pm

MKC Group of Companies turns 18

MKC Group of companies celebrated its birthday on April 12. Enterprise, which is a top performer in the Russian distributed power generation market building plants in various regions of the country and conquering foreign markets, has turned 18.

18 years is the age of majority in human life. For MKC, it is the age of maturity, accumulated experience. It reflects a large number of implemented projects, a reputation gained, and its own unique history.

But the most important thing is great ambitions, a desire to withstand the circumstances in our unpredictable, stormy world and move forward! In MKC’s case, 18 years symbolize unlimited opportunities! Congratulations to the entire team of MKC Group of Companies - employees of our branches in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Chelyabinsk, Abu Dhabi - on the company's birthday. We thank all MKC partners for our long-term cooperation!

For reference:

MKC Group of Companies is an engineering enterprise, the main activity of which is the construction of small-scale energy facilities – turnkey gas genset power plants. Over 18 years, it has commissioned 57 mini-thermal power plants in various regions of Russia and abroad. The total capacity of all MKC commissioned facilities is 275 MW.

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