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September 26, 2023, 8:30 am

MKC starts manufacturing import-substituting switchboard equipment based on domestic components

MKC Group of Companies commenced manufacturing of import-substituting switchboard equipment based on domestic components to replace imported analogues that have left the Russian market. The electrical products manufactured at Chelyabinsk enterprise is superior to imported samples by some parameters.

This refers to serial production of single-sided service assembly chambers (SSSAC), control cabinets (CC) and switchboard panels of SCHO-70 series. Previously, this equipment used in the construction of gas genset power plants was assembled from the components manufactured abroad (Schneider Electric, ABB, Phoenix Contact). After the withdrawal of foreign manufacturers from the Russian market, there appeared an urgent need to find alternative solutions.

MKC experts conducted experimental design studies, developed a new import-substituting equipment and commenced serial production of equipment using domestic components only.

SSSAC and SCHO-70 equipment is used in the construction of gas genset power plants and serves for receiving, distributing electrical energy, protecting outgoing lines from overloads and short-circuit currents. Control cabinets (CC) are used for regulation, monitoring and remote control of technological processes of the power plant.

After the introduction of new design solutions and the replacement of imported components with the domestic ones, the equipment did not only retain all technical characteristics, but also surpassed foreign analogues in a number of parameters. Moreover, it is cheaper than the European equipment now.

Electrical switchboard equipment manufactured by MKC is already used at the company's facilities under construction – gas genset power plants. MKC predicts a high demand for the products from engineering companies, as well as industrial enterprises which have their own generation facilities.

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MKC Group of Companies is one of the leading Russian engineering companies having 18 years of experience in implementing complex energy supply projects. MKC reference list  includes 58 gas genset power plants with a total capacity of 350 MW. Today, MKC developments include also projects in the field of hydrogen energy, energy storage systems, methanol and LNG production, desalination plants, etc. Besides, the company produces over 20 types of auxiliary power equipment.

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