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December 15, 2021, 10:29 am

MWM introduces generator sets capable of 25% hydrogen blends

MWM will launch commercially available power generation solutions from 400 kW to 4.5 MW that can be configured to operate on natural gas blended with up to 25% hydrogen. MKC Group of Companies — the official dealer and service partner of MWM in Russia — will implement innovative MWM developments in its projects.

MWM will begin a staged roll-out of commercially available MWM generator sets configured to enable operation on natural gas blended with up to 25% hydrogen for continuous, prime, and load management applications. The offer applies to the following series: TCG 3016, TCG 3020, TCG 2032 and TCG 2032B.

Additionally, the company will offer retrofit kits that provide hydrogen blending capabilities up to 25% hydrogen for select generator sets built on these engine platforms. A staged roll-out of new natural gas generator sets and retrofit kits capable of 25% hydrogen will begin in the fourth quarter of 2022.

The use of renewable hydrogen fuel can help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

«We are delighted to offer our customers hydrogen-based high- performance energy solutions that can help them reduce carbon emissions and use more sustainable energy sources», explains Tim Scott, MWM Director.

«Congratulations to our partners on such an innovative solution. This demonstrates not only the high professional competence of MWM team, but also high social responsibility intended to develop technologies relevant to reduce the carbon footprint», said Maksim Zagornov, Director of MKC Group.

MWM gas engines can already be operated with hydrogen blends of up to 10 percent and are characterized by their high efficiency in decentralized energy generation.

MWM generators are traditionally at the forefront when it comes to the use of alternative types of gas for power generation. The generator sets can be configured to operate on a wide range of biogas fuels, including digestor biogas, landfill gas, and wastewater biogas.

In multiple end markets and countries, MWM have experience with hydrogen utilization in its products, with some projects in operation for 23 years. MWM continues to improve the performance of hydrogen-fueled power generator sets with minimal impacts on maintenance costs and schedules, availability and operations. During this period, MWM has gained extensive experience through its product range with customer projects and fuels with hydrogen content of up to 60%.

Hydrogen blend solutions are designed and launched to meet growing consumer demand as the hydrogen supply infrastructure evolves. MWM is committed to help clients achieve their climate goals by providing products that facilitate fuel transitions, improve operational efficiency and reduce emissions.

«Through the use of renewable hydrogen as a sustainable energy source, our industry will continue to make a valuable contribution to the supply of reliable and sustainable energy. We are excited that MWM is part of this sustainability effort», says Tim Scott.


Caterpillar Energy Solutions. With its two brands, MWM and Cat, Caterpillar Energy Solutions stands for highly efficient and eco-friendly solutions for distributed power generation and manufactures gas engines, electricity power plants, as well as combined heat and power (CHP) plants. As part of the Caterpillar Electric Power Division, Caterpillar Energy Solutions today commands a leading market position in the field of highly efficient, ecologically advanced distributed energy solutions. The products are the result of 150 years of experience in the development and optimization of gas engines and generator sets for natural gas, biogas and other special gases.

MKC Group of Companies. MKC Group of Companies is the official dealer and service partner of MWM. This status allows the company to solve the whole complex of issues related to sales and further technical support of engines of this brand. In addition, the status of the official dealer allowed MKC to significantly reduce the delivery time of MWM equipment, as well as to organize an expanded warehouse of MWM spare parts in all cities of its presence.

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