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March 25, 2020, 11:06 am

The MKS Group of Companies is awarded the status «AAA Class Business»

The «AAA Class Business» status was assigned to the MKS Group of Companies. Such an assessment and the cognominal exclusive award was presented to the MKS Group of Companies CEO Mr. Maksim Zagornov by the leading financial institute of the country – Alfa-Bank.

Alfa-Bank experts selected the most efficient, competitive and sustainable companies on the basis of a comprehensive assessment. The life of the enterprise, potential development dynamics, absence of reputational risks, stable position in the regional market were taken as the main parameters.

«The «AAA Class Business» is a quality mark that we assign to our corporate customers with efficient and competitive businesses demonstrating sustainable development, with strong market positions. As a bank, we have sufficient expertise to assess these parameters in a comprehensive manner. We are sure that the «A Class Business» status will become a symbol of modern effective business and impeccable business reputation for the business community», – said the Alfa-Bank board member, head of the «Small Business» block, Denis Osin.

The «AAA Class Business» quality sign is embodied in an exclusive statue of concrete and glass, which symbolizes the sustainability and transparency of the winning company's business.

«We certainly appreciate this assessment of our work. This is the award for the entire MKS team, represented today both in Russia and abroad. This year we are 15 years old, and all this time we provide Russian business with affordable and reliable energy sources. Such awards allow us to think that we are on the right way», - said the MKS Group of Companies CEO Maksim Zagornov.

Should be noted that in 2019 the status «AAA Class Business» was assigned to 1400 small and medium-sized businesses selected by the Alfa-Bank experts on the basis of a comprehensive assessment. Such an award will be held annually.

The MKS Group of Companies — an engineering enterprise which main activity is the distributed power generation facilities' - gas genset power plants - turnkey construction. In 14 years, 53 mini-MPPs have been launched in various regions of Russia and abroad. The total capacity of all launched MKS facilities is 244 MW.

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