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Cooling modules

MKS Group of Companies solves various tasks in the field of production of installations for systems for excess heat removal from surfaces and media heated during the technological process.

MKS Group specialists design and manufacture various types of cooling modules: block cooling towers, radiators, design solutions for ABHM and chillers. The whole complex of works is carried out on the basis of technical specifications and GOST certificates of conformity. The accumulated experience helps to find appropriate design solutions taking into account the wishes of each customer.

MKS Group designs and manufactures fan cooling towers

Cooling towers are used to cool the coolant circulating in closed systems by means of atmospheric air flow. Cooling is realized by means of supplying the coolant with air masses by means of special fans.

The main applications of chillers are:
  • heating plants;
  • gas or diesel power plants;
  • production lines or individual machining centers.
The main advantages of using a cooling tower are:
  • Various installation methods. External or internal installation, horizontal or vertical, roof or wall installation are possible.
  • Economical. Significant savings in electrical energy (energy is only used to drive the fans).
  • Quickness of installation. The design features of the cooling tower allow its installation on the prepared installation site within one day to two weeks, depending on their quantity.
  • Relative low cost compared to other cooling methods and short payback period.

MKS Group of Companies designs and manufactures central air conditioners of frame-panel design for general industrial and special purposes. Employees of the production department of MKS Group of Companies manufacture the air conditioner frame from aluminum profile and cover it with sandwich panels of 25-50 mm thickness. Conditioner panels are made of galvanized steel sheets 0,55-1 mm thick, between which heat-insulating material is placed. Air conditioners are made of both separate functional units and monoblocks, performing two or more air treatment operations.

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