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Gas supply modules and gas-distributing plants (GDP)

Gas-distributing plants (GDP) are a complex of process equipment and devices designed to reduce the gas inlet pressure to the specified level and keep it constant at the outlet.

Gas-distributing plant is a type of a gas distributing station, characterized by the on-frame equipment installation and accommodation in the room where the gas-burning plant is located, or in the room connected to it by an open doorway.

Gas-distributing plants types

By the outlets number:

  • one-outlet plant;
  • two-outlets plant;

By the plant flow diagrams:

  • with one reduction line (house);
  • with one reduction line and a bypass;
  • with main and standby reduction line;
  • with two reduction lines;
  • with two reduction lines and a bypass (with two bypasses).

According to the regulator installation scheme the two reduction lines plants are divided into:

  • plants with serial regulators installation;
  • plants with parallel regulators installation.

According to the output pressure provided the plants are divided into:

  • maintaining the same pressure at the outlets;
  • maintaining a different pressure at the outlets.

The MKS Group of Companies' specialists are able to solve problems in the field of the GDP production of any level of complexity. Our employees receive regular training, which allows to implement complex technical solutions, increase the production speed and the products quality.

The whole complex of works is carried out on the basis of technical specifications and certificates of compliance with GOST-R. The accumulated experience in GDP installation helps us to find the necessary structural solutions taking into account every customer's requirements.

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