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Instrumentation cabinets

Monitoring, measurement and automation cabinet

The MKS Group of Companies' team is able to solve problems in the field of electric board equipment production of any level of complexity. Monitoring, measurement and automation cabinets (instrumentation cabinets), designed for automation, control, alarm and protection of the different control objects equipment, successfully combine competent design solutions, wide functionality and operational reliability.

Instrumentation cabinets are used for automation of boiler rooms, pump stations, ventilation and air conditioning systems, compressor units, both of the separate process units and for automation of several interconnected process units.

Design configuration

Structurally, the instrument cabinet is made in the form of a closed metal cabinet. Inside the cabinet there is a mounting panel for electrical equipment installation, the bottom of the cabinet is equipped with a gland inlet panel for cable admission. The door of the cabinet is a control panel, where all the controls, indicators, displaying and recording devices, operator panels are located.

Technical characteristics
Parameter Value
Current type alternating, single-phase, three-phase
Rated voltage, V 220, 400
Permissible voltage deviations from the rated value  
Maximum +(2:20)% from Urated
Minimum -(2:30)% from Urated
Type of climatic design as per GOST 15150-69 NF4
Protection level as per GOST 14254-80 IP31, IP54
Dimensions, mm  
Width 1600, 1800, 2000
Length 600, 800, 1200
Hight 400, 600, 800

Low voltage distribution switchboard LVDS

Low voltage distribution switchboards (LVDS) by the MKS Group of Companies successfully combine daring design solutions, wide functionality and operational reliability. LVDS are designed for electric power receipt and distribution to the networks with voltage up to 1000V and frequency of 50Hz with a blind neutral, of remote, automated and manual control, monitoring, alarm and protection of equipment against short circuit currents and overload, personnel protection from the electric shock.

  • power input and distribution units, control cabinets;
  • asynchronous motors units, control cabinets;
  • power objects' own needs units and control cabinets;
  • distribution points;
  • low-voltage switchgear cabinets;
  • lead-in distributor.
Design configuration

The LVDS panels are a combination of low voltage switching devices with control, measurement, alarm, protection, adjustment devices, fully mounted on a single structural basis with all internal electrical and mechanical connections with the corresponding structural elements. Panels frame has a welded structure made of 2 mm thick sheet steel.

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