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Silencers for Gas genset units

In 2019, the MKS Group of Companies launched the production of low-noise silencers for gas genset units, providing super-efficient power plant's noise reduction. Devices meet high industry standards and are characterised by technological novelty, durability and low weight. The MKS Group of Companies plans a serial production of low-noise silencers both according to standard and by the individual parameters, based on the customers' requirements.

В низкошумных глушителях для ГПУ производства Группы компаний «МКС»® используются качественные материалы, обеспечивающие продолжительную эксплуатацию устройства. Установка, в которую интегрированы наши глушители, работает значительно тише, чем при работе в стандартной комплектации. Результатом внедрения устройств шумоглушения являются комфортные условия работы генераторной установки на протяжении всего срока ее эксплуатации.


The gas genset unit low-noise silencer by the MKS Group of Companies allows to achieve the level of noise suppression of the power plant exceeding the typical foreign analogues. As a result, the total noise of the object at a distance of 50 meters can be under 60 dB, at a distance of 100 meters does not exceed the background noise of the city.

At the device's construction design the MKS Group engineers relied on domestic materials and implemented a number of innovative solutions. The silencer housing material and internal metal elements are made of stainless steel, which provides a long life of the silencer and the possibility of installation in the circuit after the recovery boiler, which reduces the flue gases temperature.

Technical characteristics

Dimensions –

1610 х 5884 mm

Weight –

2400 kg

Gas genset unit capacity –

4500 kW

Gas flow rate –

3,4 m3/sec

Connection dimensions –

Dy 800, 24 holes

The exhaust residual noise level immediately after the silencer –

under 55 dB

The quietest innovative silencers produced by the MKS Group of Companies meet high industry standards and are characterised by technological novelty, durability and low weight.