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Smoke exhaust systems

Smoke removal system is an emergency system of supply and exhaust ventilation, creating conditions for people evacuation in case of fire. The smoke protection system is included in the general set of fire safety measures.

The smoke exhaust system performs the following tasks:

  • preventing the fire spread from the fire site;
  • smoke reduction on the escape routes;
  • normal microclimate ensuring outside the fire source;
  • in-room air temperature decrease;
  • fire source monitoring and timely notification;
  • aperture of the automatic hatches, combustion products removal and building ventilation windows;
  • maintaining the oxygen normal concentration.

The MKS Group of Companies specialists have professional competence to manufacture and install the various types of smoke exhaust systems:

Static smoke exhaust

In case of static smoke exhaust – an emergency ventilation shutdown takes place. Smoke does not «pass» to the other sections of the room. Such a system is the easiest and most affordable. In fact, smoke exhaust itself does not occur, all the smoke is located in one room.

Dynamic smoke exhaust

The dynamic system is designed for smoke and ashes exhaust, as well as for the fresh air inflow. The system's operation is based on the fans use, which «pull» the combustion products outside the room. Dynamic complexes can operate with a single fan working alternately in different directions (smoke suction or fresh air supply), with separate air supply and overpressure fans, or with a combination of two axial fans.

The smoke exhaust systems produced by the MKS specialists successfully combine the daring design solutions, wide functionality and operational reliability. The MKS specialists pay considerable attention to ensuring the system's operational easiness, as only the instruments understood by everyone – from the alarm systems' designers to the building operation service personnel – become truly reliable.

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