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Heat and mechanical modules

The MKS Group of Companies designs, constructs, manufactures and assembles heat and mechanical modules for gas piston power plants and modular boiler houses.

The heat and mechanical module is the main element of the heat recovery system (HRS).

It is the heat and mechanical module that utilizes the heat from the power plant, which is combined with heat from other heat modules and distributed to the consumer via a heat collection point. This system is a heat utilization system that allows the equipment to operate in cogeneration mode, i.e.  e. simultaneously produce electricity and heat. The heat generated by the units can be used to produce hot water or steam, as well as for various production processes requiring heating.

Combining the UMS with the cooling system of the gas piston units (cooling radiators, dry cooling towers, pumps and other piping) gives a complete heat and mechanical system of the facility.

The use of heat utilization systems allows increasing the profitability of operation of heat and power generation equipment. At the same time, the efficiency factor reaches 95%, which reduces the consumption of energy resources.

The complete factory assembled heat module includes:
  • Exhaust Gas Heat Recovery Unit (EGHU)
  • Antifreeze heat utilizer (UTA)
  • Controlled gas flow switch
  • Piping on antifreeze and water lines
  • Frame base
  • Set of control and measuring equipment
  • Automatic control cabinet (TM control cabinet)

The specialists of MKS Group of Companies assemble complete thermal modules of heat recovery system (based on heat recovery from heat exchangers and recovery boilers), emergency engine cooling circuits, fuel mixture cooling circuits, heating circuits, air preheating circuits.

All constructions are made with heat-insulating elements to ensure the normative level of heat losses of pipelines and safe for human temperature of their external surfaces.

Thermal insulation

K-Flex type thermal insulation is used as insulation material for pipelines.

K-Flex is the thermal insulation No.1 in Europe and Russia for industrial engineering systems, distinguished by high quality and durability.

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