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Ventilation systems

The modern production room today cannot be imagined without an organized air exchange system. Timely air supply, cleaning and efficient removal allow to maintain conditions necessary for good personnel health and correct automation operation. The MKS Group of Companies installs ventilation systems that meet all the necessary parameters, providing a complete range of high-quality ventilation products.

Ventilation is adjustable air exchange in the room. Ventilation systems are designed to ensure the required cleanliness, temperature, humidity and air mobility. Industrial ventilation systems avoid:

  • increased room temperature;
  • humidity;
  • harmful substances gases and vapours accumulation;
  • dust accumulations.

The MKS Group of Companies performs design, manufacture, installation, automation, as well as service maintenance of industrial ventilation systems of any degree of complexity. In our production we use high-tech modern equipment. Our products meet the highest industry requirements, which is confirmed by the certificates and licenses for all types of works performed.

Types of industrial ventilation systems

Specialists of the MKS Group of Companies have professional competence for manufacturing and installation of various types of industrial ventilation systems:

Supply ventilation
only the clean air supply to the room is provided, air is removed through the opening doors, fences thinness and due to the excessive pressure;
Exhaust ventilation
is designed to remove air from the ventilated room and to create a vacuum there so that the air outside and from adjacent rooms can be supplied to this room by the fences thinness and through the doors;
Supply and exhaust (combined) ventilation
provides simultaneous air supply to the room and its organized removal.

Industrial high-quality and modern level ventilation requires a special equipment installation, air removal and supply pipe rooting, and filter system placement. The MKS Group of Companies provides a full range of high-quality services in the field of engineering communications thanks to many years of experience, as well as professionalism and skills of the company's personnel.

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