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June 8, 2022, 5:04 pm

Maksim Zagornov celebrates his birthday today

On June 8, Maksim Zagornov, director of MKC Group of Companies - a man who created one of the best engineering companies in the country from scratch 17 years ago, formed a reliable team, found his destiny by becoming an entrepreneur - celebrates his birthday.

Maksim Zagornov, a man with an inexhaustible reserve of energy, optimism, entrepreneurial ingenuity, is on a business trip to the United Arab Emirates even today, on his birthday.

Despite huge distance and inability to congratulate the Director on his birthday personally, the employees of MKC Group of Companies send their congratulations in a video, share their memories of their first acquaintance, tell what kind of Director and Person Maksim Zagornov is.

We believe it is of paramount importance to formulate and manifest our respect for the person who navigates the ship called MKC through the waves of the raging business ocean in a turbulent period for the world economy so fearlessly, professionally, and ably. 

We have no doubts that we are following the right course. Happy Birthday!

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