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September 20, 2017, 12:30 pm

Maxim Zagornov: "A real businessman dreams not of super-profits, but of self-fulfillment"

MKS Group reached the final of the regional business award "Made in Chelyabinsk". The award was established by 31 TV channels and the Chelyabinsk Echo radio station. Its main goal is to identify companies and managers who are building a new economy in Chelyabinsk and creating products that not only our region, but the whole country can be proud of.

The organizing committee of the award received a total of 43 applications, and 20 companies of different spheres of activity and scales made it to the finals. Along with the MKS Group of Companies, Soyuzpischeprom, Kompanion, Optik-Center, Chelyabkranservice, Avoir and many others will compete for the prize.

On September 19, within the framework of the project "Made in Chelyabinsk", Maksim Zagornov, Director of MKS Group of Companies, shared his experience in a live TV and radio broadcast on how to create a dynamic company that builds innovative mini-HPPs all over Russia, and together with it - to form an entire industry in the region - small-scale distributed energy. The program was hosted by Valery Shagiev, General Director of Media Center media holding, and co-hosted by Sergey Ermakov, Chairman of the Expert Council of the Business Award, General Director of SantekhUral trading house.

"A real businessman dreams not of super-profits, but of self-realization," admitted Maxim Zagornov during the interview. - Business is creativity, it is creativity, it is non-standard solutions. A true entrepreneur must also be adventurous in some ways, in order to master new formats, implement bold projects, and go for high goals without being afraid of anything".

It is obvious that Maxim Zagornov sets "high goals" for himself. For 12 years, the MKS Group of Companies has, in fact, independently formed an entire market of distributed generation in the region. "We did not put any questions before the officials, we did not ask for anything. We went the other way - we offered ready-made solutions. These solutions - their own mini-HPPs, which make electricity 2-3 times cheaper - were actively supported by the entrepreneurs of the Southern Urals. As a result, today the Chelyabinsk Region has taken a leading position in terms of the rate of development of small-scale power generation in Russia.

How do you create a successful business in a highly competitive environment, why are the services of a Chelyabinsk company in demand in Kazakhstan, how do you form a "dream team", is it easy to find the right staff, and where do you draw strength for new ideas? The full version of the interview with Maxim Zagornov is available to watch.

Maria Nevolina

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