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September 19, 2023, 1:33 pm

MKC Group of Companies launched the production of Cyclone - gas purification plants

MKC Group of Companies has launched the production of gas purification plants called Cyclone. Innovative equipment will ensure gas pollutant extraction that enters the genset as efficiently and economically as possible, thereby increasing the service life of power plants.  The fabrication of innovative products is deployed at MKC manufacturing area in Chelyabinsk. There can be produced Cyclone version with standard parameters, as well as customized version according to Customer's requirements.

Boast of many years of experience in operating gas generator set of various capacities, the engineers of MKC Group of Companies faced the problem of the genset unexpected repairs due to the appearance of damage associated with the presence of solid debris particles in LNG.

In this regard, MKC engineers have developed and implemented an innovative technical solution – the Cyclone gas purification plant, which structurally consists of two parts: mechanical primary filter (to catch particles over 250 microns) and fine filter (to catch particles over 5 microns). Nowadays, standard filters installed in gas systems usually ensure the capture of particles over 50 microns, which does not provide the necessary protection of the genset engine from the effects of mechanical particles coming with fuel gas.

During the Cyclone development, MKC engineers used native materials and implemented a number of innovative solutions.  The Cyclone gas purification plant by MKC Group of Companies is completely ready for production and can be installed on the main gas pipelines upstream of a genset and ensures maximum power plant protection from pollution. The MKC Cyclones have already proven their high efficiency: the devices have been implemented at many of the company's power facilities. According to statistics, the number of genset failures connected with gas contamination has decreased by 40%.  

"Considering that today many Western manufacturers of generating equipment have left Russian market due to sanctions, there is an urgent need to increase the service life of available gensets. There are several thousands of distributed energy facilities in Russia today. Maintaining trouble–free operation of these power facilities is one of the priorities of Russian engineering companies," said Maksim Zagornov, Director of MKC Group of Companies

MKC developers advise to install Cyclone gas purification plants on the gensets of Chinese and Indian manufacturers which have entered the Russian market. Genset gas purification will be an additional factor in increasing the service life of power plants.

MKC Group of Companies predicts a high demand for Cyclone gas purification plants from engineering companies and industrial enterprises with their own generation facilities.

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MKC Group of Companies is one of the leading engineering companies in Russia with 18 years of experience in implementing comprehensive energy supply projects. The company's reference list includes 58 gas generator sets with a total capacity of 350 MW. Today among MKC products there are also projects in hydrogen energy, energy storage systems, methanol and LNG production, desalination plants, etc. In addition, the company produces more than 20 types of auxiliary power equipment.

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