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Outer Packaged Transformer Substation (OPTS)

Outer packaged transformer substations are designed for 6-10 kV electric power receiving, conversion and distribution of electric power of three-phase alternating current of 0,4 kV voltage with 50 Hz frequency. The production site of the MKS Group of Companies is equipped with special innovative equipment and tools, which allows to produce OPTS at a high technical and aesthetic level.

Design configuration

The outer packaged transformer substation consists of a high-voltage device compartment (HV), power transformer compartment and low-voltage switchgear compartment (LV). Transformer implementation in the OPTS – dry or oil.

The outer packaged transformer substations of kiosk design OPTS-K are packaged in the metal shells. The outer packaged transformer substations of modular design OPTS-M are located in a modular building (MB) made of sandwich panels. The layout of the transformer substation and its dimensions depend on the electrical connections diagram, the number of cells and transformers.

Technical characteristics
Parameter Value
Number of power transformers 1, 2, 4
Power transformers capacity, kVA From 25 to 2500
Voltage on HV side, kV 6; 10
High voltage switchgear HVSG-6 (10) kV: equipment SES chamber 6 (10) kV
HV execution Air, cable
Voltage on LV side, kV 0,4/0,23
Low voltage switchgear LV SG-6 (10) kV: equipment Light Panel-70
LV execution Air, cable
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