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Switchboard equipment

The flagship of the MKS product range are the single-end service (SES) assembled chambers, which have included the largest number of design developments of the MKS engineers. SES designed for reception and distribution of alternating three-phase current electric energy (industrial frequency 50 Hz, voltage 6 (10) kV), have high technical and operational characteristics and a perfect visual appearance.

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Switchboard panels of the Light Panel-70 series are among the most demanded products of the MKS Group of Companies. Light Panel-70 is designed to pack 380/220 V three-phase AC 50 Hz frequency switchgears with a blind neutral. They are used for electric energy reception and distribution, outgoing lines protection from overloads and short-circuit currents. The quality and reliability of the Light Panel-70 largely depends on the correct and careful choice of every component, and the MKS Group of Companies pays a great attention to it. That is why only certified components produced by the leading domestic and foreign manufacturers are used in at the Light Panel-70 production.

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Outer packaged transformer substations are designed for 6-10 kV electric power receiving, conversion and distribution of electric power of three-phase alternating current of 0,4 kV voltage with 50 Hz frequency. The production site of the MKS Group of Companies is equipped with special innovative equipment and tools, which allows to produce OPTS at a high technical and aesthetic level.

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The OOPIC-6 cell (10) -KN – the outer open-pit installation cell, produced at the MKS Group of Companies production site, has high technical and operational characteristics. It is manufactured in both standard and individual housings. It is intended for installation in branch and trunk networks of quarries, in places of connection to the intracarrier power transmission lines of 6-10 kV / 50 Hz networks.

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The need of a proper electric power distribution to the end-user and to the power plant's own needs is an important aspect in the facility's undisturbed operation. The innovative OSGP-6 (10) cells designed to receive and distribute 50 Hz 6 and 10 kV electric power of three-phase AC are manufactured at the production site of the MKS Group of Companies. OSGP-6 (10) are used in distribution devices of the power plants' auxiliary needs, electric substations of power systems and industrial enterprises, as well as in power supply facilities of the agriculture sector essential consumers.

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