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March 22, 2021, 9:43 am

Employees of MKC Group of Companies welcomed spring at Solnechnaya Dolina

What could be better than meet Saturday morning on the mountain, under the mild March snowfall, enjoying beautiful views and the purest mountain air? This is what the employees of our company and their family members, who took part in a corporate trip to Solnechnaya Dolina ski resort last weekend were driven by.

The program of the trip, according to tradition, included a fun transfer (with quizzes and prizes), arrival at the resort and division according to interests: some of the employees went to ride tubing, some went downhill skiing and snowboarding. It should be noted that the ratio or skiers and tubing sledgers in our company is slowly but surely moving towards parity. That is, there are more and more skiing people every year! And this means that we have every chance, sooner or later, to present our corporate team to participate in the Governor's Cup, which was held on that very day at Solnechnaya Dolina. Everyone had the opportunity to watch the starts, take a closer look, and feel the atmosphere of sports excitement.

An important and equally enjoyable part of the trip was lunch at the restaurant of the new Sports Residence hotel. A huge selection of dishes for every taste, a pleasant atmosphere and a very sincere service were noted by all employees of the company and their families. Rested, satisfied, full of energy specialist of MKC went home.

It should be noted that the spring of 2021 gives all the chances for at least a month to extend the skiing joys. So, the ski season does not end, the ski season continues.

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