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January 20, 2023, 10:42 am

MKC team performs at the All-Russia Brainshaker intellectual tournament with great success

The team of МКС Group of Companies played brilliantly in the first game of the All-Russia Brainshaker-2023 intellectual tournament. Despite the intense competition, MKC Energy Troopers team showed excellent results (it took 8th place out of 15 Chelyabinsk teams), but the main thing proved was that energy men make the intellectual strength of the country.

Roman Iksanov, Polina Kii and her husband were part of MKC team. They showed brilliant erudition and breadth of knowledge.

Totally, 205 teams from 20 Russian cities took part in the first game of the All-Russia Brainshaker intellectual tournament organized by the Network of Atomic Energy Information Centers (AEIC). The teams comprised of employees of large companies as well as students of Russian universities and erudite persons.

The game consisted of three rounds and resembled a classic quiz during which participants had to answer questions of various fields. The questions were asked by leading engineers and researchers of the country, scientific journalists, experts and scientists from different regions of Russia.

The guys admitted that the questions were difficult which made it more exciting to provide the right answer. 

  • Who was born on the same day as Academician Korolev and also became the father of his field? (Kurchatov). 
  • What is the substance needed by the society and which was extracted from starch and was also used in catalysis, the extraction method being opened in 1811, in the time of the sanctions in Russia? (sugar)
  • When creating the atomic bomb, Beria was guided by lists in which the highest award was indicated next to each scientist's name. What was written opposite Kurchatov's last name initially? (Execution). 

The competitors were strong and experienced.  The first place was taken by the team from Izhevsk. Yet, the MKC Energy Troopers also sparkled with knowledge this evening. The game was interesting, excitable and lively.

The next game is planned for February 16. 

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