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December 29, 2022, 4:47 pm

MKC Group grants Zhenya’s and Katya’s wishes

Today, MKC Group of Companies fulfilled the New Year's dreams of two wonderful girls – Zhenya Startseva and Katya Shundeeva, girls who have experienced hardship. 7-year–old Zhenya has an orphanage background, 15-year–old Katya has a serious illness, cerebral palsy. Within the Snowmen with Kind Souls charity event, the girls were presented with gifts that they had long dreamed of.

Zhenya Startseva had dreamed a lot of a self-balancing scooter, and today, unwrapping a gift box, she could not restrain joyful emotions. The girl is engaged in dancing, participates in and wins international and All-Russian competitions. Riding the self-balancing scooter will help her keep in good shape, develop coordination, posture and balance and just give her joy! Employees of various branches of MKC Group of Companies - from Chelyabinsk, Moscow, St. Petersburg - took part in raising funds for the gift purchase. The power engineers wished the girl creative success and new victories!

Katyusha Shundeeva was also very pleased with the gift. Today, together with her mother, she chose a complete set for cross-country skiing - skis, poles, boots, and a cover. The gift was made by the management of MKC Group of Companies, who has been supporting the family for the past 12 years. And the fact that Katya will ski is a great result of the work of both the girl's parents and MKC team, which has helped in the rehabilitation of the child, the purchase of walking devices, and in sum, put the girl on her feet.

The remarkable thing is that MKC Group of Companies has been awarded the honorary title of "Snowman" (a company that fulfills children dreams) since the first year of the charity project launch.  For 3 years, the power engineers have supported three children. But in addition, the company itself is the organizer of many charity events and projects, supports pupils of boarding school No. 9, organizes the art festival Energy of Good, has been friends with the family of Katya Shundeeva for many years.

On the New Year eve, MKC power engineers urge to fulfill the dreams of the far and near, adults and little ones. And believe in miracles yourself. Happy New Year!

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