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January 21, 2023, 10:46 am

MKC team takes part in the Snowmen with Kind Souls Flashmob

On January 21, MKC team took part in a citywide flashmob of kind snowmen. The event was the final stage of a large charity project in the frames of which MKC energy experts fulfilled the dreams of two girls – Zhenya Startseva and Katya Shundeeva. It is noteworthy that the girls in ward joined the creation of the MKC energy snowman which became the largest snow sculpture of the flashmob.

The Snowmen with Kind Souls Flashmob held in Gagarin Park this year brought together teams of Chelyabinsk companies and became a bright, kind and cheerful event to unite adults and children. The real stars were noticed among the creators of snowmen, for example, hockey player Sergey Telegin and speed skater, silver medalist of the Olympic Games in Sochi, world champion Olga Fatkulina.

The imagination of the flashmob participants was boundless! Some of them sculpted snowmen in the form of a popular Cheburashka moppet, the other ones - in the form of a hockey player. According to tradition, MKC energy experts made the MKC Energy Snowman having  light-bulb eyes and a cheerful smile. As a result, the MKS snow sculpture turned out to be the largest one, handsome and noticeable: a one-and-a-half-meter giant became a real decoration of the flashmob.

The MKC employees with their families took part in the creation of the energy snowman, as well as the girls in ward Zhenechka Startseva and Katyusha Shundeeva whose dreams were fulfilled by the energy experts. As a result, everyone became friends and, of course, was charged with positive emotions.

That is the main value of the Snowman with Kind Souls Project. It gives you the opportunity to feel like magicians for specific children, to see how many caring people live nearby, to materialize your kind impulse in the form of an MKC Snowman, to give your children an example of kindness in action.

It should be noted that MKC Group of Companies has been a constant participant in the Snowman with Kind Souls Project since 2019. In 4 years, the power experts have fulfilled the dreams of five kids. The project is held under the aegis of the Children's Rights Commissioner of the Chelyabinsk region; one of the project authors is Maria Nevolina, Head of the Public Relations Department of MKC Group of Companies.

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